What is Tracified ?

Tracified is an innovative traceability solution, that empowers online premium food suppliers to high end markets, to display transparency in to their product origin and practices.

Premium food suppliers

Exporting to emerging high-end markets

Trading through e-commerce

Visibility in Every Step of the Product's Journey

Tracified completely shows all the information which are required by the public. Transparency is a key area of product traceability.

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Blockchain to Track Value Chain

Tracified offers the only blockchain capable of ensuring not only the complete audit-ability & immutability of data but also the authenticity

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Easy to Use

Tracified can be used as a Plug and Play system. It's built to assist the existing ecommerce platforms to gain a competitive advantage.


Use with Existing Data

Tracified does not have to come in as an entirely new system. It can use your existing data, and elevate the traceability around it.


Integrates with any Web Shop

Your existing web shop can be further optimized to include traceability of the products that are being sold, thereby improving the standards provided.


Educate End-Customer

The end customer can find the exact origins of the products that they purchase, ensuring the quality of the entire supply chain since sourcing.

A Fully Cloud Based Solution

With the strength of world renown Amazon Cloud services Tracified is Fast and Easily accessible

Integrate with any IoT device

Tracified can be integrated with any IOT device easily and make your product traceable much easily.

Plugin to any Shopping Cart

With the Tracified Plugin you can give the taste of traceability to your customers easily through any popular shopping cart.