Enterprise Solutions

Tracified provides a dynamic range of enterprise solutions which can be implemented at various stages of the supply chain to enhance deliverable value.

Tracified Admin

The Tracified Admin portral which day to day configurations can be made for the supply chain. This includes updating artifacts, master data, carrying out basic operations on items and etc.

Tracified Configs

Tracified Configs portal provides the functionality to conduct configurations made by users to augment the system to the users supply chain. This includes the storage of workflow configurations, field officer user interface configurations and etc.

Tracified Insights

Tracified Insights portal is used to obtain/derive business intelligence from the traceability data and to also view traceability data that has been entered into the system.

Tracified Field Officer App

Traicifed Field Officer Mobile Application is provided to enter field data to the supply chain. The data is then sent through the Blockchain ensuring security.


Enable Trust Through Traceability

We are more than glad to provide you with a demonstration on how Tracified could be intregrated to your existing systems and enhance the value of your supply chain deliveries.