Producing food, the right way, has never been a “castle in the air” in the Sri Lankan agriculture, that has paced an unprecedented way since its humble beginnings, together with organic food suppliers.

About Saaraketha Organics 

Saaraketha Holdings is a retailer and exporter of fresh, certified organic food, which initiated their journey 8 years ago, with the aim of nurturing farmers and bringing them together with those who appreciate to grow well, in the course of establishing the essence of Sri Lankan fertile soil.

How it works?

All products produced at Saaraketha, has a history and a story reflecting the breathtaking process. The process starts with the propagation stage, that involves seeding of the plant. The product will then be harvested and transported to the packhouse, where all indulging cures for the product take place. Items received at the packhouse will be sorted, graded and cleaned prior sending to storages. During the packing stage, every item gets individually inspected and goes through the secondary cleansing process, prior to dispatching.

Problem experienced by Sarakatha

Saaraketha as an organic supplier, was struggling on building trust towards the consumers and mechanism of showcasing the underlying process to their customers, on how Saaraketha provides luxurious care for every item in order to establish a long-lasting trusted relationship.


Tracified which is powered by Blockchain technology facilitates a tamper proof platform that streamlines the data flow within a supply chain of an organization. This technology is the comprehensive traceability solution to address the dilemma faced by Saaraketha.

Tracified provided Saaraketha with a product suite which consists of;

  • Web portal- for administration
  • Insights portal- for extended business insights
  • Field Officer app- for tracking the supply chain
  • Mobile app and Ecommerce widget- two frontends for the consumers

Field Officer application

The Field Officer application is the data entering app used by Saaraketha field officers. The screen is the landing screen of the app, after logging in. Initially it will be an empty screen, which will eventually get filled upon scanning of identifiers. The below images attached represents the screen which would appear for the field officers’ phone when using the app.

The menu bar shown in the above image represents the actions that can be performed on the identifiers. The identifiers can be transferred from one stage to another to indicate the completion of one stage of the item and getting shifted to another stage.

These will be reflected under timeline tab in Tracified application for end consumers.

E-Commerce Widget

The image attached above shows the view of the widget. The pie chart in the below image shows the summary of cold chain maintenance which guarantees the freshness of the product which is delivered to the end consumer.

Also, the map indicates the locations of farms where the product is grown and where it is packed. In addition, he information provided under the 4 dimensions are fully customizable including the data that are displayed under each card.

The image slider at the bottom of the widget shows images taken of the batches in concern throughout the value chain. These images are automatically geo-coded, timestamped and blockchained by Tracified for guaranteeing. heir authenticity.


Thus, it can be concluded that Tracified is a complete solution for traceability of high-end premier products, ensuring fair distribution of benefits among all entities in the supply chain. Also, I hope this blog post would have given a clear overview on how Saarakathe works using Tracified.

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