What is Tracified’s ProofBot?

Tracified makes it possible to track real world events digitally in an authentic way by leveraging on public layer 1 blockchains. Authenticity is guaranteed by atomic verifications named ‘proofs’. Tracified sends cryptographic constructs such as hashes, digital signatures, etc. to the blockchain to build different kinds of proofs on digitally recorded data.

Verifying a proof manually involves a lot of steps. Tracified ProofBot is a new technology that automates this whole process. It converts a proof into a movie-like experience where an auditor can sit back and watch a proof being executed.

With version 1.0 Tracified ProofBot supports two proofs. They are as given below.

Proof of Genesis (POG)

POG is used to verify the very first block in the chain that relates to the very first data packet. This data packet is used to trace the product. The current approach for POG will first take the current transaction data and check to see if it’s the first data packet in relation to the product.

Proof of Existence (POE)

For POE similarly the current transaction data is taken from the blockchain and checked against the data in the database to prove its existence and verify that it is the same data packet that was once inserted considering that what is entered in the blockchain never changes.

If a user needs to self verify the proofs functionality, there are certain steps to be taken.

For example, let’s take the POE.

  1. First we find the data packet in relation to the product and then get its transaction hash.
  2. Find a suitable blockchain explorer and search using your transaction hash. This will give you a list of operations(transaction data) under this particular transaction.
  3. Go to the operations and get the current transaction value.
  4. Search for a base64 encoder/decoder site and paste the value to decode.
  5. This decoded value equals the correct transaction hash. Repeat step 2.
  6. Go to the operations and get the data hash value. Repeat step 4.
  7. Now, the decoded hash can be compared with the data hash in the database.

The ProofBot has a way of cutting down this effort and boiling down a proof to a ‘movie-like’ automatic play of actions. Here is an overview of features available in the ProofBot.

  1. Change the configuration settings (speed of play, screen size, language, replay/stop, zooms)
  2. The movie shows all steps and sub processes including the current step in consideration, clearly while giving the user a hint to show progression of the main steps being completed.
  3. Base 64 encoding/decoding , text comparisons, hash generations needed for the steps in the movie.

See it in action:

Proof of Genesis

Proof of Existence