Introducing the Tracified Wallet App – the newest addition to our diverse collection of apps, expanding the ever-growing Tracified ecosystem. Created with the goal of enhancing the storage and management of blockchain assets, this state-of-the-art app seamlessly integrates with our current platforms, guaranteeing a streamlined and user-friendly experience for our users.

Tracified users will be able to store and access all their assets in one place. Moreover, this app empowers users to perform a wide array of blockchain-related asset transactions with ease.

Version 1.0 will include:

  • Creation of Blockchain Accounts
    To ensure compliance, it is mandatory for wallet users to create their own Blockchain accounts. Once established, users can create multiple accounts within the Blockchain and unique private and public keys will be generated for each account. These keys serve as the foundation for conducting secure transactions within their respective accounts.


  • Public key management of the users
    Multiple accounts can be managed. Can choose default account and retrieve the change of custody details of that account. Also, the user is able to check the account funds for each of their accounts which will be displayed in lumens.


  • Initiating a Change of Custody (CoC)
    Ability to send items from one custodian to another. User will be able to scan the code or enter the identifier and perform a ‘Transfer’ to the receiver’s account name by selecting any item available.


  • Viewing current change of custody requests
    User will be able to view the lists of the current CoC requests so that a detailed view will be available to them to view their past transactions.


  • Capability for accepting/rejecting change of custody requests
    A time-bound validity is set to ensure that the receiver responds within a given time period, if they don’t the request will be expired.


With the release of the initial version of the Tracified Wallet App, there are multiple updates and features planned for the next versions.

Some of the upcoming features are:

  • Ability to store and send/receive NFTs from other wallet users.
  • Manage all your assets under one single wallet account.
  • Generate a seed phrase when you are creating a blockchain account and the ability to import blockchain accounts via a seed phrase.
  • Beginner-friendly documentation and improved accessibility for all app functions

Tracified Wallet App is now available for download through the following link:

iOS version will be available soon.