Tracified has been in the frontier of providing solutions for tamper-proof platforms that streamline the data flow within a supply chain utilizing public blockchains. Our solutions include SaaS platforms integrating blockchain-based supply chain traceability into existing webshops, mobile apps to simplify the business and customer interactions with the platform, NFT platforms such as NFT Marketplace, NFT Composer and many more.

Cross Reality Token is the latest addition to the Tracified ecosystem. A Cross Reality Token is a digital replica of the supply chain traceability data as an NFT. The current version of this NFT can be in SVG or HTML format and may consist of images, charts, timelines, carbon footprint data and blockchain proofs visualizing the traceability data in a user-friendly manner.

One of the key benefits of Tracified NFT is that it provides a new way for businesses to monetize their traceability data. By creating NFTs using traceability data, businesses can provide a new revenue stream that is based on the value of the data they collect. This can help to offset the costs of collecting and storing the data, and can also provide an incentive for businesses to invest in more advanced data collection and analysis techniques.

Tracified Cross Reality Token works seamlessly with the other NFT platforms in the Tracified ecosystem such as the NFT Marketplace, NFT Composer and Wallet App. These platforms can be used to create, mint, buy/sell and store these Cross Reality Tokens.

Key Features:

  • Data visualization with charts
  • Showcasing product journey with maps and timelines
  • Displaying available blockchain proofs
  • Displaying social impact data
  • Ability to transfer/buy/sell

Example of a Tracified Cross Reality Token for the client – Kantala

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How it works (Video | 1m 21s):