Tracified NFT Marketplace is our latest addition to the Tracified ecosystem redefining the traceability market. Users may use this decentralized platform to issue, sell, and buy traceability-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on several public blockchains. The Tracified Marketplace focuses on NFTs with traceability data, such as supply chain information, product origins, and authenticity verification. This is a game-changing resource for businesses interested in supply chain transparency and traceability.

One of the primary features of the Tracified NFT Marketplace is the possibility for users to create and mint their own traceability NFTs. This makes it possible for anyone to build and sell their own NFTs that represent specific items while assuring their authenticity and verification through traceability. These NFTs may then be exchanged on the platform utilizing public blockchains such as  Ethereum, Stellar, Polygon and Solana by eliminating the need for traditional payment methods and transaction costs. As a result, the platform provides an efficient and cost-effective means of ensuring supply chain transparency and traceability. Tracified has established a decentralized platform that allows businesses and consumers to easily monitor and trace items.

To utilize the site, users must have a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, Freighter, Phantom, or Albedo, depending on the blockchain they choose. While this may be a hurdle for some users, it is an essential step in guaranteeing the platform’s security and transparency. Tracified assures that all transactions are safe, transparent, and tamper-proof by requiring users to have a crypto wallet.

Key Features

  • User endorsement before minting: an endorsement is done with a follow-up to avoid abuse of marketplace services.
  • Users can add an NFT story to give more value and context to their NFTs.
  • Use of Tracified NFT Composer to create your own traceability NFT.
  • Check what’s trending based on user ratings and add them to your watchlists.
  • Rate and Review NFTs on sale.
  • Maintaining NFT collections.

This is a platform that has the potential to change the way organizations approach supply chain traceability and transparency.


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