Tracified NFT Composer introduces a new era of traceability by enabling authorized users to create NFTs representing their supply chain data. This innovative tool empowers businesses to strengthen supply chain integrity while engaging customers with detailed product information. By offering a digital representation of traceability data, Tracified NFT Composer bridges the gap between businesses and consumers, promoting a deeper understanding of product journeys and sourcing practices. This sophisticated platform offers a range of powerful capabilities, including the creation of digital replicas for supply chain traceability data using interactive graphs, proofs, timeline data.

Key Features and Capabilities:

Tracified NFT Composer presents a comprehensive set of features, transforming how supply chain traceability is visualized and communicated. Some of the essential capabilities include:

1. Advanced Data Visualization: The tool enables users to present their traceability data through interactive graphs, providing a clearer understanding of the supply chain journey. This visual representation enhances comprehension and facilitates decision-making for all stakeholders.

2. Enhanced Data Proofs: Tracified NFT Composer allows the inclusion of irrefutable proofs into NFTs. These proofs bolster trust and confidence in product authenticity, ensuring that customers receive exactly what they expect.

3. Timeline and Historical Data: The tool incorporates timeline data, offering a complete view of the supply chain process. By providing historical data, businesses can showcase their commitment to transparency and accountability throughout their operations.

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Composing an NFT

Version 1.0 includes:

1. Creation and management of NFT projects

Users can create their own NFT projects as they wish and can manage all the created NFTs in one place.

2. Widgets for Enhanced Visualization

To offer users an enhanced visualization experience of an NFT, the tool provides several powerful widgets:

i. Bar Chart Widget: This widget enables users to view traceability data visually using specific queries and customization options.

ii. Image Widget: Users can add images (in formats like .png, .jpeg, .gif) to their NFTs, enhancing their digital replicas.

iii. Pie Chart Widget: Similar to the bar chart, this widget presents traceability data in a visual manner using specific queries and customization options.

iv. ProofBot Widget: A minimized version of the Tracified Blockchain Authenticator, allowing users to view available proofs for selected traceability data in action.

v. Table Widget: Users can write queries for previously recorded traceability data and have a tabular representation of the data for easy analysis.

vi. Timeline Widget: Shows the stages of a particular batch in a timeline view, offering a comprehensive understanding of a product’s journey over time.

With the release of the initial version of the Tracified NFT Composer, there are multiple updates and features planned for the next versions.

Some of the upcoming features:

  • Environmental Impact Insights: Tracified NFT Composer also allows businesses to showcase carbon footprint data. This feature demonstrates their dedication to sustainable practices and empowers consumers to make more informed and environmentally-conscious choices.

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